Aircraft maintenance

  • Engine Condition and performance Monitoring
  • Continuous Vibration Monitoring
  • Rotor Track and Balance
  • Advanced Gearbox Diagnostics
  • Exceedance Monitoring  for Engines, Dynamic Components and APU
  • Integrate with Cockpit Displays and Databus
  • Support Engine Controls setup on Aircraft
  • On-board Diagnostics provide parsed Aircraft Health Status
  • Complete Ground Support including Ground Software Fleet Data Analysis

Our ability to parse all aircrafts Onboard Monitoring System is unparalleled. Mostly, because of the complexity of diagnosing the real reasons for a multitude of symptoms originating from complex subsystems, these services are ignored. We have the fault detection and isolation capability to address these problems. A key element in this effort is an On-Board Diagnostic and Maintenance System (OMS) that integrates two diagnostic subsystems into the Airplane Information Management System (AIMS) cabinets: a Central Maintenance Function (CMF) and an Airplane Condition Monitoring Function (ACMF). The CMF diagnoses faults responsible for flight deck effects that are logged by the crew and facilitates rapid turn-around of the airplane at the gate. The ACMF captures parameters based on predefined trigger conditions for long-term analysis of trends in aircraft systems and the flight crew. These diagnostic Systems are directed at reducing airline accidents and must be analyzed before take-off.                                                                

Airframe Manufacturing in Nigeria

Major aircraft companies around the world manufacture their Airframes and Sub-Assemblies in China, South Korea, Japan, etc. Airframe Manufacturing creates thousands of high tech jobs and spin-off technologies in these countries. Bringing these high tech jobs to Nigeria is part of our mission. With a clear vision and blueprint, and a combined 72 years of broad based experience in Aircraft Design, Manufacturing Engineering and Tool Engineering, Nigeria is perfectly and uniquely positioned to emerge as a leader in Aircraft Sub-Assembly and Airframe Manufacturing for the Aerospace Industry.  Engineer Akosa Umunna spent many years in South Korea and Singapore as an Aviation Consultant, setting up their Airframe manufacturing base. Today, South Korea has emerged as a leader in the production of aerospace components to the aerospace industry.


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Composite Manufacturing

We bring over 72 years of combined Aviation experience in the following areas: Aviation Modernization and Safety Management

Airport Security Management

Safety Audits

Airport Special Equipment Design

Aircraft Maintenance and Overhaul

 Aerospace Engineering

Airport Ground Support and Resources

Airframe Manufacturing

General Airport Operations

Training and Technical Assistance

Baggage Service Consulting

Civil Aviation Consulting

Technology Transfer and Development

Aircraft Purchasing Advisory

Whatever your needs in Aviation, we have your solution!

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Aviation Consulting

Composite Structure

Our advanced CATIA system gives us the added capability  to design and manufacture lighter composite  structures for our Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) version and other aerostructures. Our expertise in complex Tool Design and building Lay-up molds and master guages is a huge advantage over our European competitors.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

Composite Layup Mold Mfg

Process and Design

Airframe and Tool Design Engineering