Mission Statement

Our mission is to incrementally lay the

building blocks for airframe manufacturing in Nigeria through mentoring, transfer of skills, knowledge, technologies and manufacturing methods. Also, Setting up joint ventures and partnerships with major aircraft companies around the globe to bring high tech skills to Nigeria.

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Nigerians with varying background in Engineering, Aviation, Aircraft Manufacturing or Engineering Design are encouraged to join NAPA. Members are encouraged to contribute knowledge or observations to our monthly online publication. 


Aero-Structures Ind Nigeria LTD is an Aviation Consulting Firm that contracts in various aviation programs around the globe, we offer services in Airframe Manufacturing start-up programs, Design, Airport Ground Support Equipment, Complex Tool Design, Aviation Modernization, Training, Aircraft Purchasing.

Inspiring Creativity & Building Experience In Aviation

With a combined 72 years of Aviation and Airframe Manufacturing experience, our goal at Nigerian Aerospace Industries LTD is to be at the cutting edge of aviation technology and innovation, developing the skilled workforce in Nigeria and beyond, required to transform the aviation industry. We offer the very best solutions to our clients most difficult and complex problems in Aviation Modernization, Airport ground support and Resources, Airframe Manufacturing Start-Up programs and Aircraft Maintenance by employing ingenious techniques provided by our very highly skilled and abled engineers. We will strive to deliver exceptional solutions in combination with maximized cost improvements. Forming strategic partnerships and building trust with our stakeholders. 

Our Staff has a combined 72 years of  Airframe Manufacturing and Aviation experience.

Akosa Umunna, Aerospace Engineer - CEO/President

Airframe Manufacturing
(Boeing Vendor)

Airframe Manufacturing (Boeing Vendor)

Airframe Manufacturing (Boeing Vendor)

- Akosa Umunna, CEO

We believe that honesty and integrity engender trust which is the cornerstone of this company. Our goal is to foster innovation, set high standards for ethics, corporate governance and responsibility while creating high-tech jobs in Nigeria. 

Partnerships and Investors are always welcome

NAPA: Nigerian Aerospace Professionals Association

Airframe Manufacturing
(Boeing Vendor)